Automation HAT for Raspberry PI

Automation Hat for RaspberryPi



Automation HAT for Raspberry PI

The Raspberry PI as the heart of an industrial control


With this HAT, the Raspberry PI can be extended to a control system that can be used in an industrial environment. It has:

  • Industrial 24 V Power Supply

  • Fueld bus: RS485 for Primary orSecondary UART

  • Real Time Clock: RTC-Modul DS3231

  • Data storage by controlled shutdown after power-off

Industrial application

All external connections are made via robust connector terminals.

Screwed connection to the RaspberryPi

Supply for external devices: 5V-Out (e.g. for 7'' touch), and RS485 are separated from each other with mating connectors.



Operational safety


  •     24 V supply voltage with wide range input

  •     Output 5 V to max. 3 A

  •     Battery buffering after power-off

  •     Detection whether supply voltage on/off



This feature allows a controlled shutdown of the Raspbian* as soon as the supply is switched off.


 *Raspbian a Open-Source-operatin system of the RaspberryPi



System circuit diagram of Automation HAT

Technische Daten: 

Housing (B x H x T): 70 x 55 x 25 mm

Supply: 24 V DC

Own power consumption: 30 mA

Voltage for data buffering: 9 VDC

LED green= 24 VDC Power active

LED blue= 5 VDC active