TAMP 8 - Analog Multiplexer for 8 PT100

Anschlussplan TAMP8

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On the temperature multiplexer TAMP8 up to 8 PT 100-sensor can be connected. These are operated as a 4-wire with 2.5 mA constant current. 8 Inputs are switched through one at a time with a reversible cycle time of about 1 or 2 seconds. At the end of the respective signal is located on.

The switch through the inputs is with a positive flank at the entrance to DE started. This displays the clock at the exit of TA. The analog signal at the output of AA is valid at the falling edge of clock output TA. After the eighth falling edge at TA, the output is DA positive and signals the end of the bar.

Again to start the digital input must DE deeply connected. The next positive flank at the entrance to DE starts the cycle again. The cycle time can be toggled with the dip switch on the front panel. The switch is open, the cycle time is approx. 5 sec. The switch is closed, to the right is the cycle time approx. 1 sec. The switch connects to the left, stops the clock.

The installation position is arbitrary. The connections are made via screw terminals. The TAMP8 is contactless and thus maintenance-free. He is to be protected against moisture and stubborn dirt.

Technical Data: 

Power supply:
Ue: 24VDC (22 … 28 V) ca. 150 mA short circuit protected

E1 – E8 : 8 x PT100 with 2,5mA constant current

AA : 0 … 20mA (�

Connection terminals:
max. 2,5mm²

Housing (WxHxD):
Wieland WEB Size 8
93 × 94 × 55mm for DIN-rail mounting