The Modbus Experts

MOTRON has been developing and manufacturing electronic solutions for industry and mechanical engineering for more than 30 years..The central requirement is very often the appropriate fieldbus, whether it is specified by design or because a technical adaptation has become necessary.

The proven Modbus is often used for this purpose.

The Modbus protocol is a communication protocol based on a client/server architecture. In the industry, Modbus has become a de facto standard because it is an open protocol. (Source: Wikipedia)

For the application the Modbus RTU (via RS485) or Modbus TCP (via Ethernet) can be selected. A sub-version is e.g. the protocol Slin/SLout from Crouzet.


Application examples with Modbus from MOTRON


Como 3A



Como 3A

Smart motor controller with encoder input

Como 3A is an intelligent and versatile control and output stage for DC motors. The printed circuit board is designed for installation in devices. On 70 x 110 mm area it contains a full bridge for the control of the DC motor, inputs and outputs, encoder connection and fieldbus interfaces.


Externe I/O-Erweiterung



 I/O expansion with 16 inputs and 8 outputs

16 inputs and 8 outputs on the fieldbus

The entire electronics for 16 inputs - both positive and negative switching - and 8 outputs are integrated in a slim housing. All inputs and outputs are opto-decoupled and pluggable. The bus address is set via hex switches.


Positionierzähler mit Modbus




Fast 24-bit positioning counter

PosCount is a fast 24-bit counter with encoder input that forms a positioning unit together with a PLC via a bus.
The position setpoints are specified via the bus. Real-time stopping is possible via hardware outputs.




USB-Stick Data Logger

Saving data and reading parameter sets

The PLC-Mem stores data of a control/PLC in large quantities and over a long time, which are to be evaluated later offline on the PC - e.g. by means of Excel. In addition, recipes/parameter sets stored on the USB stick can be read out by the control.



Gateway für Modbus an Profibus




The Profibus gateway can be used to establish a data connection between a Profibus master and a RS 485 fieldbus device.

The exchange data are defined in a GSD (device master file).



SMS Manager for industrial use


This compact communication helper offers high-tech in the smallest space. A 24V connection and a serial interface for fieldbus and PC connection are sufficient. For the user, it offers enormous possibilities: for the most versatile applications

Installation and Visualisation of Modbus-devices on  PC

It is also important to commission the Modbus devices and to establish a data connection from the PC to the device.

MOTRON develops the appropriate Windows software (see Software).

All Modbus devices can be connected to PC and/or Raspberry Pi,This allows the fieldbus values to be displayed very conveniently or the terminal devices to be parameterized.