NVA Level amplifier


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The NVA is a transmitter for conductive level measurement sensors. The sensor acts as a potentiometer and will operate from the device with 10V constant voltage.

The device has a broken wire detection, which monitors the level of the connected sensor.

As powe supply 24VDC is used. The negative voltage of sensor input and zero point (0V) have the same potential. The analog output can switch. 10V at 20mA. The max. Load is 500Ω.

The connections are made via two four-pin plug-in screw terminals (max. 2.5mm²).

The NVA is contactless and therefore maintenance free. The mounting position is arbitrary.

Connection diagram NVA

Technical Data: 

Power supply:
24VDC (20 – 30V) ca. 35mA (by output 20mA)

4 – 20mA ; 10V by max. apparent ohmic resistance 500Ω

Sensor resistance:
5kΩ … 50kΩ

Basic accuracy:
< 0,5% v.E. (by 5kΩ)

Temperature error:
< 0,05% / K

Probe dependence:
< 0,02% / kΩ

< 0,5% (by 5kΩ)

Housing (WxHxD)
22,5 × 99 × 92mm for DIN-rail mounting