Sicherheitscontroller SICON ST überwacht die Temperatur

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The new SICON-ST is a safety temperature limiter. It is typically used in addition to the actual temperature control and serves to ensure a safe shutdown at high temperatures in the event of a failure of this temperature control.
The safety temperature can be adjusted in 10 steps with a hex switch in between 0 and 150 ° C.

The whole device is housed in a 12.5 mm narrow DIN rail housing.


For the conception of the Sicon T, proven security principles were created with which to reach a category 2 according to DIN EN ISO 13849. Thus, a performance level d can be achieved.
An automatic test after switching on can be tested by tightening the output relais. A manual test can be carried out at any time. The device is operating without a fuse to increase the operational safety.


Connection diagram

Technical Data: 

Power supply: 24 V DC +/- 10%/ 0,1 A
Temperature range: 0 – 200 °C,
Different ranges optionally
Temperature sensor: PT100 3-wire
Sensor current: 1 mA
Line resitance: compensated to 5 Ohm
Temperatur setting: Hex-switch 10 – 150 °C in 10°C steps
Hex-switch position 0 = freeze protection
Temperature hysteresis : 3 °C
Response tolerance: < 2°C
Ambient temperature : 0 – 50 °C
Relay contact activated when
  • Overtemperature,
  • sensor broken,
  • sensor short circuit,
  • under voltage
Alarm reset: with panel switch
Relay : n.o.
Switching voltage relay : max. 250 VAC , 220 VDC
Contact switching power : max. 60W , 62,5 VA
Max. switching current: 2 A
Max. continuos current: 3 A
Isolationvoltage coil/contact : 1500 V
Max. switching cycles mechanical : 1 x 10 8
Max. Switching cycles(30V/1A) : 5 x 10 5
EMC-immunity: EN 61000-6-2
EMC-emission: EN 50081-2
Housing B x H x D : 22,5 x 99 X 93 mm
(DIN rail)
Protection: IP 20
Weight: 110 g