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SICON is a monitoring unit for level and temperature. It monitors both the falling below of a liquid level in a container and the exceeding of the temperature .

In the housing via the hex-switches can be set to shutdown. It is adjustable in sixteen steps of 10° C to 150°C. Prefix 0 turns the monitoring temperature, any other number corresponds to 10°C, eg 9 = 90°C, D = 130°C.

The connections are made via pluggable screw up. 2.5 mm ². The device must be protected from moisture and heavy dirt.


If the minimum level below the liquid, a relay, the contacts 5/6 close and 7/8 and open the “Lev” – LED (red) lights. When exceeding the preselected maximum temperature is the temperature relay is set to open contacts 15/16 and the “T” – (red) LED lights.

After the temperature drops, the error is stored. After the temperature has fallen below the hysteresis range, the LED starts to flash and the relay output modes with the “Reset” – reset button.

Pinning SICON

Technical Data: 

Power supply:
24V DC / 0,2A

24V DC ;0,5A

Temperature sensor:
PT100 in 3-wire technology

Temperature priority:
Hex-Button (0 = Temperature monitoring off)
with Hex-Button 10 – 150°C in 10° increments

∼ 3°C

< ± 3°C

Separation voltage grid/anode:
≥ 2kV

Low-level OK:
Ri ≤ 30kΩ

Low-level error:
Ri ≥ 70kΩ

Relay rating:
0 … 3A / 125VAC

Switching capacity of contacts:
low voltage max. 150W (according to VDE)

IP 00

Housing (WxHxD):
22,5 × 99 × 93mm for DIN-rail mounting