Steuerungen in der Medizintechnik


Task for MOTRON was developing an universal, cost-sensitive control for medical devices.

This includes various interfaces, motor drivers and position sensing systems. Furthermore, motor run-of-hand-movable parts, control of dc motors with position sensing and controlling external motor driver.


All modules are optimized for medical use now and are ideal for tasks that require distributed intelligence. The CAN interface for exchanging data in real time is opto-isolated.

Same basic features but different software functions and various input and output facilities allow the desired adjustments.

Due to this modular design new solutions can be expanded or upgraded easily.



6 months developement
6 months permission



Validation under medical regulations aspects
Key backup circuit
Emergency stop circuit
Programming in C
Project planning and coordination
Detailed project documentation
Modern Controller
Decentralized intelligence
CAN-bus (Controller Area Network)
Integrated motor driver up to 40V / 4A
Encoder interface
Position control via potentiometer


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