KDS4 - amplifier for magnetic brakes

KDS4 - Verstärker für magnetische Bremsen


Compact power
24V operating voltage
4A peak current

This new amp for the 24V voltage range provides high-tech in a small space. The integrated, powerful processor ensures accurate current setting and monitoring occurring current spikes.

Intelligent Control
By jumper on the front of fashion can be changed. So you can run both standard Q-1 magnetic braking and braking with deletion of the magnetic Restremanenz in 4-Q mode.

An LED display informs the user about the status of the start input and the response of the device (alarm output).

Of course, the start input of the amplifier via opto-isolated from the operating voltage, the alarm output is a potential free contact.

A transparent cover protects against accidental operation.

Setpoint 0 .. 10V referenced to GND
10V no outward
Brake coil can be reversed
Slim DIN rail
Replaceable fuse on the front

KDS4 - Verstärker für magnetische Bremsen Anschlußbild

Technical Data

Power supply:
24VDC / 100mA, reverse polarity without braking power, protected by a fuse

Power Amplifier:
4-quadrant power stage with PWM control


Peak Power:
4A, current pulse for 1s

Start on input 0 – 10V corresponding to 0 – 100%

Minimum setpoint:
0 … 50% adjustable by potentiometer

Start input:
On optocoupler, typically 24V /> 12mA,
Low = <1V, High => 8V

Alarm output:
Contact open = alarm, closed = ok
Is activated after about 1s > 2.5A and remains pending until receipt

Alarm contacts:
Potential free NO contact, 30VDC/1A, 125VAC, 0.3A

Switch receipt
Clearing the alarm output

Switching 1Q / 4Q jumper in the front panel
We only read at power

LED display:
Green = Power
LED green = start
LED red = alarm

0 .. 55°C

Storage temperature:
-10 .. + 80°C

By natural convection

Housing (HxWxD):
100 × 22 × 120mm, DIN-rail


5A slow

Note: Please disconnect the connector is not in the connected state!